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The volunteer heroes of Hemosc

Awareness campaigns are not only essential to the supply of blood banks and blood centre hemotherapy units, they are also necessary to encourage repeat donors. 

Hemosc, a blood bank in Santa Catarina, came to us with the need for a new campaign with the objective of communicating not only to new donors, but also to demonstrate the value of those who are already blood donors, thus inspiring recurrent donation.


You don’t need superpowers to save lives, you just need initiative and the “Every Volunteer is a Hero” campaign portrayed just how heroic blood donation is.

Veja o case vencedor do Top de Marketing ADVB

Veja o case vencedor do Top de Marketing ADVB


Increase in blood donation during the campaign period, winning the ADVB Top Marketing Award and winning the ACAERT award in the TV commercial category.

Every volunteer is a hero. See the ADVB Top Marketing winner case.