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In 2015, Beiramar Shopping, the most traditional shopping centre on the island of Santa Catarina, sought a new market position in order to unify its communication strategy. With the arrival of other projects and brands in the city, it was necessary to reaffirm the relationship with customers, with the city and with the market.

Therefore, it was suggested that Beiramar use different concepts when communicating with the market in actions/commercial dates and institutional campaigns.

Beiramar Shopping

To survive, big brands need to create loyalty in consumers beyond reason, create experiences with the intention of establishing lasting emotional connections. Thus, in the construction of this new concept, the premise was that Beiramar is integral to many people’s lives. It is the mall in the heart of the city, a meeting place, a frequent shopping and leisure destination, a place that Florianópolis residents love and appreciate. People go here to do the things they love to do with the people they love to be with. The protagonist AMAR was created to embody this concept, the name AMAR even being derived from BeirAMAR.

The verb gained strength in its development, adding new elements to the proposal, working to unify the language and identity of the mall. Unifying the language was also one of the reasons for leveraging resources in these times of great challenge, as communication that is more recognizable, more memorable and more easily identified with the brand represents a multiplication of the return on investment.

Beiramar Shopping
With the new strategy adopted, Beiramar Shopping optimized its investments in communication, increased its visibility and recognition with the public, unifying a language that is currently easily recognized by customers, reaching the proposed objectives when diagnosing the need to seek a new position. In addition, AMAR continued to be the motto for actions in the following years.