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If before the pandemic most people spent the day away from home, with it, millions had to adapt to a new way of life. In this new model, the home became a space not only for living but also for carrying out all kinds of activities.

Before the pandemic, most people spent the day away from home. Now, millions have had to adapt to a new way of life, and the home has become a space not only for living, but also for carrying out all kinds of daily activities.

Most have found themselves spending more time at home, doing more cooking and housework, entertaining children and finding space to conduct business. 

With more time spent in the home, the desire to create a pleasant space has increased. Millions of people have taken this time as an opportunity to renovate and modify their homes, making them more desirable places to pass time, finally ticking off the longstanding list of home projects. 


The Dream Kitchen Oster Promotion by Mauricio Arruda used this newfound importance of a pleasant home as an opportunity to run a dream kitchen contest. Contestants were offered the possibility of winning the grand prize of a dream kitchen by Oster and ten runners up were given Oster product prize packs.

The dream kitchen was to be designed by one of the foremost architects in the country, Mauricio Arruda. The internationally renowned architect and former host of Decora on Multishow, became the ambassador for the dream kitchen promotion, creating a dream kitchen for one lucky winner.

To communicate the promotion, Sambba developed an integrated action of on/off media, with sponsorships and closed TV media, Native Ads, campaigns on social media and display networks, ads on Spotify, in addition to an efficient influence marketing strategy.


With the participation of 6 influencers, the promotion was expanded on social media channels. Maurício Arruda initiated the movement and remained the campaign’s ambassador throughout the campaign. A select group of influencers was then activated to spread the promotion. Names such as Micaela Goes, Elisa Fernandes, Brissa, Mi Ruback and Ma Tranchesi participated in the project.


Dream Kitchen by Maurício Arruda promotion was one of the biggest done by Oster, contributing to significant growth in sales over the period.

With great commitment and penetration, the campaign created by Sambba helped Oster to increase its sales, retain customers and achieve a higher level of brand recognition in Brazil.