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Blood cannot be bought or produced in a laboratory–blood must be donated.

Donation campaigns are an essential component in encouraging healthy blood donors. Donors are vital in maintaining the volume of blood readily available in blood banks for the hundreds of patients requiring blood daily in Santa Caterina.

Sambba Hemosc Case 6

The most essential part of blood donation is the donor themselves, therefore it is important to communicate to donors how much they are valued.

It was from this understanding that the concept “you don’t have to be famous to be admired” emerged. In the script, Rodrigo Hilbert recognizes a blood donor and approaches him as a fan, asking for pictures, partying, and treating him like a celebrity.


The campaign generated strong engagement around the importance of blood donation.

The actor participated without charging a fee, understanding the importance of the cause. Communication vehicles contributed with free insertions, posts and publicity for Hemosc and blood donation.

And most importantly, the volume of donations has increased significantly. Not only during the campaign but also in the following.